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Robert Powell and Jenny Agutter star in this Australian production of a pilot and a medium who have need of each other after an air crash.Powell was the pilot of an airliner which crashed on coming in for a landing at an airport. Mysteriously he was the only survivor and he survived with barely a scratch, but with retrograde amnesia, he cannot remember any of the details of the crash.Agutter is a psychic who is having a bad time seeing visions of what happened and apparently communicating with those who died. What they discover about the crash the story for the rest of the film.This film marks the farewell appearance of Joseph Cotten who has a small role as a priest. Soon afterwards this most classy of leading men from the golden days of Hollywood suffered a stroke and was forcibly retired from the cinema.It's not a bad film, Survivor, but it plays like a blown up version of an episode of the TV series One Step Beyond. It might be worth a look if that's how your tastes run.

The Survivor YIFY

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In 2000, Final Destination saw Death catching up with a group of passengers who narrowly avoid being killed in an air disaster. In 1984, Sole Survivor saw the only survivor of a plane crash being haunted by the ghosts of the dead. And four years before that, The Survivor centred on a pilot who miraculously walks from the wreckage of his downed passenger plane, only to be menaced by the spirits of those who weren't so lucky. Each successive film was inspired by the previous one, with The Survivor being based on a James Herbert novel. Rather surprisingly, the first film is the weakest of the three versions, having neither the creepy atmosphere of Sole Survivor, nor the imaginatively gory death scenes of Final Destination.The film stars Robert Powell, whose face and curly hair upsets me; it also features Jenny Agutter, who makes me feel all funny in a good way. Unfortunately, the lovely Jenny really doesn't make up for Powell's presence (I'm still angry at having wasted time watching him in Harlequin, made the previous year), or for the fact that the film becomes incredibly slow and very boring once the airplane crash is over. The Survivor meanders aimlessly for an hour and a half, culminating with a twist ending that is more than a tad confusing: has Powell's character been dead the whole time? Have the dead returned to claim the only survivor? Is Jenny Agutter's character a ghost as well? I don't really have the answers, and I doubt you will either.NB. The name of Powell's character, David Keller, is remarkably similar to David Kessler, the name of the protagonist in Agutter's next film, An American Werewolf in London. It doesn't end well for either man.

Life's not been easy for brother and sister Haley Lu Richardson and Booboo Stewart since the drought came. A drought unlike any other. Oregon where they live is no longer fertile and green. Instead it's looking very much like the Mojave Desert where The Last Survivors was shot. It stopped raining there 10 years earlier in a natural world wide disaster.But in their own corner of the world a man named Carson played by Jon Gries is pushing out all of the people who are and have dug wells to survive. He's got the men and muscle to push them out and kill the survivors. Gries wants the whole valley for himself and to pass on to his daughter Nicole Ariana Fox who's as much a human predator as her father is.This quickie which only took days to shoot is decently done and the ensemble cast give good performances. It's one bleak picture of a possible future. One thing I could not figure out, water was the big issue here, but I never saw anyone eat anything, where was all the food?Make note of Max Charles who played a kid also trying to survive that Richardson and Stewart kind of adopt. He and Richardson stood out in this cast.

Opening with a lengthy dialogue-free scene, Kendal (Haley Lu Richardson) appears to be the sole survivor of some apocalyptic occurrence that has left the world ravaged and arid. As it turns out, she is one of a handful of characters who are all trying to survive in their sun-stung waterless desert.Kendal and her sick friend Dean (the wonderfully named Booboo Stewart) are attempting to protect their life-saving well from the wandering evil water baron Carson (Jon Gries) and his band of scavengers, who are attempting to secure all water-giving appliances as his own.Despite a slow beginning, and the burning feeling that this might just be a catwalk teen-soap, this soon developed into something far more interesting. Richardson is convincing and appealing as Kendall, and even the young actor Max Charles, who could have been precocious as juvenile survivor Alby, is very good.The finale plays out very much like a Western, with a well-staged showdown between various characters. The ending is low-key in a way that befits the story being told, and the stunning scenery, shot in California, is a double-edged sword: beautiful but deadly. Recommended.

Galactus is the survivor of another universe, in the cosmic scale Eternity is a healthy universe and Galactus is the guy that is carrying around the last dying flame of an older dead or dying Eternity equivalent, if the 616 universe where to die then Galactus would die and someone else may become his equivalent but carry the dying flame of the 616 universe in a new universe. 041b061a72

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