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doTERRA's Aroma Touch Technique


I have invested into my yoga expertise by getting trained in Aroma Touch Technique. The decision to get Aroma Touch trained is to help add to the experience of the private yoga lessons that I conduct. My intention is to help clients feel relaxed, calm, and rejuvenated after yoga, work, and/or stressful situations. Whether these situations are mentally or physically.

These oils not only smell good in your diffuser, they feel wonderful once applied on the skin. The Aroma Touch Technique is exactly what it is called Aroma Touch, a gentle application of doTERRA essential oils. The order of these essential oils are sequenced to cultivate the pure essence of the oil's properties for the receiver and the giver.

As part of my certification, I am to perform the Aroma Touch Technique to a certain number of individuals. Due to there being distance from my family, I have decided to make this opportunity available to those who are interested that live closer to me.

I have decided to conduct a drawing for the public. On July 24, 2018 at 8:30 p,m., I am going to conduct a live drawing where I choose three individuals to experience this technique from me. In order to be consider please do the flowing:

Drawing Rules:

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