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Essential Yoga Shoulder Stretches

Hunching or rounded shoulders are caused from continual leaning forward without any counter action to follow. Our shoulders round when we carry infants, use our cell phones for long periods of time, typing at our desk and many other daily activities. The back muscles tend to become weaker which then may lead to neck problems because the weight is going forward to our shoulders. Doing these simple shoulder stretches throughout the day will help strengthen the back and neck muscles and alleviate some of the tension you feel.

Go register for some awesome classes offered that will be offer by the GoYoga Community! I will do a Family Yoga class at 3:30-4:30 p.m. on 9/25/18 at Early Works Children History Museum: 404 Madison St. SE Huntsville. So,bring your kids out and let's have a play date doing yoga.

Essential Oil:

doTERRA's OnGuard/ Product of the Month

Ever wondered how to use or why use the essential oils. I too have always wanted to know how to use essential oils other than in a diffuser to make my space smell better. So, last month, I decided that I would become an advocate and invest in doTERRAs essential oils and products so that I could share the benefits, uses, and properties of the oils with you all to help you know what your options are with doTERRA’s essential oils and products. The link after the video has great recipes for the diy person.

Essential Family Snack

Movie and popcorn anyone? Here's a healthy way to jazz up that plain popcorn with doTERRA's On Guard and Cinnamon Bark. Enjoy!



Essential Oil 101 class coming soon!

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page and my Instagram page for more information. I would love for you to hear the wonderful uses of these products! The oils are pure from the source not synthetic, that's why they cost different prices and why the oils can't be purchased off the shelf at your local supermarket. At this 101 Class you will learn where the products come from and why you should chose doTERRA products. See you soon!

I am currently taking the vitamins and feel like I have more energy. I use to be bloated a lot but not since I have started taking the DigestZen PB Assist+. I tell you all this because I to want you too to have the best possible health so that you can feel great doing the things you love, enjoy the people you love, and hopeful help someone else.


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