4 Ways to Embrace Earth Day!

Earth Day, April 22, 2021

2021 Theme: Restore

Let's get out and celebrate Earth Day! I have gathered some simple yet easy ways for you and your family to celebrate Earth Day! Celebrating Earth Day will be an example of, ahimsa, (non harming)- compassion for all living things.

  1. Practice Yoga Outside

  • Get grounded as your feet connect with the ground, feel the wind wisp through your hair, feel the sun radiate it's warmth on your skin. Allow yourself to restore those childlike movements as you move through a playful flow/practice.

2. Unplug

  • Disconnect from all technology and enjoy your evening outside with your friends and family. Restore and rekindle those relationships that bring you so much joy and peacefulness.

3. Reduce Water Consumption

  • Reduce the amount of time in the shower. Restore our ability to do things mindfully.

4. Dedicate Your Practice

  • Create an intention for your practice that is dedicated to the wonderful marvellous beauty of the Earth. Restore the connection that we have with nature as we show our appreciation for all the things the earth offers us.

Tag me on one of my social media platforms, (Delisa Simpson Yoga) if you would like to share how you celebrated Earth Day! 🌎

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