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Back to School and Yoga

Back to school can be fun and exciting for some because of the unknown adventures. For some, it's having anxiety and stress of the unknown adventures.  The choice is yours.  They're both normal reactions.

Yoga can be the same. Excitement for the people we get to meet, the poses we get to learn, and the overall connections. Or it can be stressful thinking about the unknown people we will meet, the poses that challenge us, and having to go within. When we can step onto the mat, that's when life changes. The first big step, stepping on the mat showing up just as we are. 

As we enter August, I invite you to put yourself in a child's perspective and show up for yoga. This is whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi. Everyday show up to practice.  That might look like showing up to do the actual poses or relaxing there to listen to the music that soothes your soul. Remember everything in moderation or balance.  Practing not in the effort to prepared for perfection but to be prepared for the upcoming poses, inner strength, and physical strength.  Practing because you're created to feel good.

Remember this is your journey,  your life, your experience, and your time.

If you need help deciding where to start check out some of my online classes on YouTube and if you want more check out

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