Don't Forget Alzheimer's and Yoga

June is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. To help give you something to consider, I am writing this blog. Please consult with a doctor before trying any of the following suggestions.

Wait a minute, I know I just laid the phone down. Where did I lay the phone down at? We all have times when we don't remember things. For some people it more than just forgetting where you left a item or two but it's forgetting love ones, where you currently are, and all other things we take for granted. These people are probably living with Alzheimer's.

Yoga just might be what is needed to help the Alzheimer's patient and their care giver. One simple reason would be that all parties involved could actually do a simple yoga practice together. This could be an outlet for the caregiver to show him or herself some self love by doing something physical after siting in doctor's offices, hospital rooms, or nursing home facilities.

Yoga mediation, such as; pranayama, asana, chanting, and different forms of concentration could be used as a method to help activate new connections through the stimulation of neuroplasticity.

While adjusting to living with Alzheimer's might seem scary yet stressful. Yoga is known to help reduce stress, which could help the patients better cope with the body's stress responses. Not only cope better with stressful situations, meditation helps calm the body and the minds meaning allowing more positive situations and opportunities to arise.

If you would like to help out, you can donate money to the Alzheimer's charity of your choice.

Check out the link below to review a study for Yoga and Alzheimer's.

Check this morning routine out!


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