Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you all are healthy and doing well. With the new year many of us set new years resolutions and they are normally gone by the end of February. We all have been there and done that. I encourage you to try something new this year. This year lets make it a goal to incorporate one new habit into our everyday lives. Examples could be as simple as reducing the amount of soda you drink, instead of drinking a soda at all meals pick one meal to have water instead. Another example is to make sure you are active for at least 10 minutes a day and gradually increase.

If you are looking for an opportunity to start with one new habit, try my Monday night Zoom class at 6:15 to 6:55 for $10 a class. This month the theme is action setting. Meaning that you are taking action to a better yourself or maybe better action of improving your own personal practice. These classes are for all levels, however, make sure you have consent from your doctor indicating that you are able to physically do the practice. I look forward to seeing you on your mat.

More Action Setting! Yes!

Another small new habit that I can help you with is using one doterra's essential oils product. They have three different kinds; Spa Moisturizing Bar Soap, Spa Serenity Bath Bar Soap, and Spa Citrus Bliss Invigorating Bath Bar.

Spa Moisturizing Bar Soap which is my favorite of all the soaps. The Spa Moisturizing Bar Soaps feels smooth and silky to the skin. It lathers in a washcloth like a tub full of bubbles, I couldn't believe how this soap lathered up. Is this soft water or the soap, I questioned myself. Let me tell you it was the soap. The clean scent relaxes even the grouchiest morning person, it's called spa for a reason. I immediately thought of the smell of a spa when bathing with this soap.

Spa Serenity Bath Bar, will put you to sleep after bathing or relax you well enough that your situations no longer exist for a few minutes. A few inhales and exhales of this calming soap does the body and mind well.

Spa Citrus Bliss Invigorating Bath is for those who have a hard time getting going in the morning. The citrus blend essential oil will awaken all the senses. If you like exfoliating, then this soap is for you. Not to rough, not to soft, just the right amount of scrubbing action.

All of these one of a kind bar soaps are $6.75 a piece. It is worth every penny. You not only get to experience their cleaning properties, you get the opportunity experience the essential oils. If you would like to do more research on these soaps please visit doterra's site for more information and I'll be able to help you get your items ordered.. Remember start off small and continue to grow to achieve you desired outcome.


Much love,


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