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Red, White, and Blue

🎵"The home of the free and the brave

Every heart beats true

For the red white and blue

Where there's never a boast or brag."🎵


Those are the lyrics to a song we sing to celebrate out country, freedom, and show gratitude. What if we stopped to do the same for ourselves?

Your body is your home. When we feel at home, we feel free to relax, free to be silly,  and free to invite others into our space. Practing yoga is a way to take care of "your home ". We first have to be brave enough to get on our mats and be honest about where we are in our practice. It's going to be different than everyone else.  That's perfect because it's our home(body)/practice.  That's like our home(the building) it's not like anyone else. We have to be honest and know that in order to maintain a home, there is regular maintenance,  cleaning, and changing of appearances. Same in yoga, maintain a regular yoga practice can possibly clean the body of negative mindsets and bad asana practices. When there's a regular practice in place the body takes on a different form internally and physically.

Every heart beats true to those things that are love, kindness, and honesty.  As long as there's a heartbeat, there's someone somewhere who loves you. That is for a fact true. In yoga, if you are practicing yoga in a nonharmful manner, you're showing yourself love. The body is designed to move, yoga allows for movement and breath. When practicing, there's an opportunity to share the love of the practice with others who love yoga also. Coming together as a community allows love to come together and blossom. 

Never boast or brag, because there are numerous asanas to be learned and practiced. Yoga is a practice, so there's no room for bragging.  When there's bragging, there's a disconnect somewhere underneath it all.

Remember the lyrics, practice the lyrics on and off the yoga mat.

Happy Fourth of July!

Lyrics Information 

Songwriters: Christopher pennington / sherry segal / wendy wiseman

You're a Grand Old Flag lyrics © Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

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