Spotlight Pose: Trikonasana/Triangle

Three is a very symbolic number. Three is the number of harmony. When there is three, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is the body, mind, and spirit. The number three could be associated with multiple religions, foundations of relationships, and many other aspects of life.

Today we focus on how the number three is associated with yoga. First, we will discuss the posture trikonasana also known as triangle pose. The sanskript meaning segmented is tri meaning three, kona meaning angle, and asana meaning posture. The posture is composed of three triangles where the extended arm and the foot creates one side of the triangle. The arms stacked creates another side. Lastly the bottom hand and foot create the last side of the post triangle.

Still focusing on three, two more triangles are visible in that one large triangle created with the composition of the previous description. Triangle really holds true to the meaning of three. Not only does the body create three triangles, trikonosina is also known for being strong and stable because it stretches, strengthens, and uses the body.

The posture is also known for its masculine attributes that represent power, harmony, and mountains. Feminine attributes represented are the simplicity of the shape, water, and grace.

Below you will find the various modifications to the triangle pose. Triangle pose is a beginner pose. Please consult with a physician or doctor before trying any of the variations.

Check out my YouTube channel and other social media platforms to see how trikonasana also known as triangle pose is performed.

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